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What is the Cache to Eagle® Series?

What could be a more natural partnership – Scouting and geocaching! Both programs love and support the outdoors, and both get us all away from the TV and video games!

This series of caches highlight another component of Scouting: Service. All Scouts performs many hours of community service, from collecting food each year to a myriad of conservation projects. This series highlights just a few of these.

Scouting provides a tremendous number of service hours to the community. If you took the total hours of community service conducted by the Marin Council in one year and assigned that to a single individual working 40 hours a week…how long would it take them to accomplish the same amount of service? Answer: 18.95 years!

The first 12 have been set in Marin County, California, and there will be more to come. Scouts and Scouters– if you have an interest in setting a “Cache to Eagle” series in their own council area Download the Cache to Eagle Guidlines and and visit some of the Cache to Eagle caches already up and running! Marin Council's Cache to Eagle Series Bookmark

If you would like to see other Cache to Eagle series visit the Cache to Eagle Database at the Geoscouting Forum. Once you get your Cache to Eagle Series in place, please post the information and links in the Cache to Eagle Database! This will be our growing concise list of Cache to Eagle series. Thank you!

Download the guidelines for setting a Cache to Eagle Series of caches here

To get the patch for free, you need to visit enough of the Marin Council Cache to Eagle sites to complete the entire Scout Law. They are not in order, and you must tell me which cache has which law. The patch is also available for a donation at any time (I need to reimburse our council for the expense) – send an email and your patch is on it's way. Contact Us

Get your patch!
If you have earned the patch by finding all of the Marin Council Cache to Eagle caches and can correctly associate the points of the Scout Law to the correct caches, then send us a note with your Cache numbers and points of the Scout Law included. You should also include your mailing address and phone number and your patch will be on it's way. Contact Us

This offer is for the Marin Council Cache to Eagle Series only. If you are interested in providing patchs for your own Cache to Eagle series contact us about purchasing your own set of patches.

Or if you would just like to purchase a patch, send us an email with the quantity you wish and a Paypal invoice will be emailed to you. If you want to purchase Cache to Eagle Geocoins along with your patches, just include the quantity and finish of the coins you wish in your note to us and we will include them in the invoice. Contact Us


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