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Resources for Geoscouting

Event Planning

Many times we need to plan events that will feature some aspect of Geoscouting. Event Planning can be a daunting task but with the right information it can be made simple and enjoyable.

Scouting.org provides a Supplemental Training that highlights how to Plan and Conduct a Safe Scouting Outing. This is a good resource to plan an event. Many of the steps and advice apply to a Geoscouting event.

As always you should refer to the Guide to Safe Scouting whenever planning.

When planning a Geoscouting event that includes the Geocaching community use this Event Handbook by IceCreamMan aka David Klug. ICM is an active cacher from the Jacksonville, FL area and is a NEFGA member. This reference is a nicely laid out handbook for those wishing to plan a Geocaching Event. Read more >

For more on Geocaching events look to the Geocaching.com website for how to submit an event for approval. Read more >
Also, if you want to attend an Geocaching event in your area look to the Event Calendar on Geocaching.com.




CITO Event Planning

Anyone can organize and run a great Cache In Trash Out event. It can be small, for just your unit or you can post your event on geocaching.com for all your neighborhood geocachers to join as well.

In April of 2006 we organized a very successful Marin Council CITO event.

Follow this Event Link to see the event description and the logs that were posted on geocaching.com.

To see the steps taken to plan this event and a photo gallery of the event go here>

For information on Cache In Trash Out go to Groundspeak's Cache In Trash Out website; visit CacheInTrashOut.org


GPS receivers (What, how, and where)

Geocaching.com has an article on how to choose a GPS receiver. It is a good place to start Here >

You should also consult the Groundspeak forums for more info on GPS Units and Software.

Visit GPSinformation.net for more guides and reviews.



The geoscouting forum is the definitive Forum for Geocaching in the Scouting Movement. Go here to share your ideas and experiences. We would like this to be a place where all Scouts and Scouters come to ask questions, get help and share ideas with others. Enjoy!

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